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Timing a volatile market like Cryptocurrencies is never an easy task, and usually when a Coin makes headlines, it is too late to get in the game. 

With Goddard.AI, get alerted when the next great buying opportunity is brewing in the market, before it is too late.
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Smart Insights
Existing tools in the market serve the two extreme ends of users in the automation spectrum: Either fully automated, or requiring you to laboriously setup alerts based on rigid rules. This leaves out most of the traders who wants to exploit market insights they have without being glued to the market all the time. This is where Goddard excels. Think of it as your trading companion who constantly monitors the broader market and surfaces to you the interesting market setups in an easy to digest format – a.k.a Smart Insights. Following are some of the insight types that Goddard currently provides:
Unusual Volume
Volume usually precedes price action, and a sudden surge in volume is usually an indication of sudden increased interest  on the Token, and thus a potential for price to pick up.
Unlike alerts based on static % gains, Goddard detects unusual volume by comparing the delta of the normalized (for market cap) volume of a Token to the rest of the recent market in order to catch the true volume surges.
Buy the Dip
A Dip is when a Token that was in an up-trend has retracted to support levels and has started to move back up again.
This is usually a good point to enter in to the rally again as it indicates the market has cooled down from the recent rally (due to profit taking for instance), and is ready to continue the up trend.

This alert is fired when ‚Äčthere is a consistent increase of volume over time without a significant price increase in the Token. This usually indicates large scale accumulation of the Token by investors, and could indicate the price of the Token would go up soon.
This is different from the Volume surges in that the movement of volume isn’t sudden and usually the underlying forces in action in the market is different from that of a sudden hype.

Increased Social Buzz
This alert lets you know when there is an uptick in the social buzz around a Token / Coin recently.
Crypto markets tend to follow social buzz since an increase in social media activity on a Token could indicate new updates / breaking news that would affect the fundamental value of the Token. 

Disclaimer: Alerts are provided for educational purposes only and is not financial advice. Historical correlations of market conditions with price action is not guaranteed to repeat, and users are advised to do due diligence before making trading decisions. 
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Completing the Feedback loop, with Retro Reports

The signals themselves are half the puzzle. Goddard will keep you updated about significant price actions after a signal (both positive and negative), which helps you read the insights better and make you more competent at incorporating those insights in to your trading.
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